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Testimonials from Members
James Young
Clear concise videos. I really enjoyed this course. It reinvigorated my desire to go beyond the auto menus and gave clear explanations about the technology and terminology of modern DSLR’s. I feel much more confident to try new settings and experiment with flash. Canon users will find it especially useful, as many examples use Canon cameras, but non Canon users will find it equally accessible.
Rich Healey
What Ken does, he takes you through the basics of all the buttons on the camera, what they do, how they interact with each other. And kind of through the basic understanding of photography. And then, after each video I would go out and practice what he taught in a particular video. And I was like, Ahhh! So THAT‘S how that works.
Jessica Campbell
Ken Schultz is by far my favorite instructor, he is very intelligent, his courses have excellent audio and video quality, and he does a fantastic job explaining things in depth and so you can understand them, he speaks slowly which allows you to really think about the concepts he is teaching as well as take notes on any key topics you want to look back on.
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